Who Will Make it to the Wimbledon Finals Next?

It is a power packed weekend for all sports enthusiasts around the world as we have two teams vying for the ultimate championship in football- the FIFA world cup and on the same day is the Wimbledon final which can see either Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic claim the most coveted grand slam with Fans having to keep an eye out for Kevin Anderson or John Isner whoever makes it. We have India VS England on Saturday with the series on the line and England having their last shot of showing India if they really have what it takes to beat them.

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Other sports are not in focus in this article as tennis takes centre stage. Two big semi-final matches today with Kevin Anderson taking on John Isner and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic renewing their rivalry. Here is who we think will move to the Wimbledon finals next?

1)Kevin Anderson VS John Isner

This match is too close to call and the experts are saying they would like to just predict one semi-final. You will be amazed to know that John Isner served 25 aces in his previous match against Milos Raonic whereas Kevin Anderson serve 28 against the King of Wimbledon Roger Federer. When we compare both these beanpoles stat by stat they are tied John Isner has a slight edge but after Kevin Anderson’s comeback against Federer he looks hungrier of the two as his game is earning praise from everyone on the tour. Isner is not great on return and is real slow when it comes to covering the court and that’s why he doesn’t believe in rallies and wants to serve and win points quickly but that is unlikely to happen. With the serve being hard to break the sets will be decided by better ground game and that is where Anderson will triumph.

Our Prediction: Anderson wins

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2) Rafael Nadal VS Novak Djokovic

Delporto almost had Nadal while Nishikori didn’t pose much of a threat of Djokovic. This game is going to be the biggest match of this Wimbledon and could have only been usurped by a Federer VS Nadal final. Both these modern legends are great defenders of the ball and can run and meet whatever their opponents throw at them. Nadal’s forehand is a destructive thing of beauty which only Novak Djokovic has consistently made less potent with his awesome top spin countering returns. Nadal sent Del Porto to the ground many a times with his cross court forehands but the running Serb won’t have a similar fate as he will be able to meet and then dictate play too. However, Nadal can counter this by sending Djokovic further down the base line and creating open space where he can hit the ball and earn a point.  Clay has suited Nadal’s style of play for ever but grass is a different matter and Djokovic will have a upper hand with him matching whatever Nadal throws at him and then giving him some of his own.

Our Prediction : Djokovic Wins

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