Which Anti-Pollution Mask Should you Buy Next?

People of Delhi are breathing particulate matter heavily and according to one survey the average man is smoking four cigarettes a day. The State government is really not making the air quality better as they have not imposed any strict law which can seriously cut down pollution.

People are still using their cars and are buying firecrackers which are adding to the problem. Moreover, the smoke from burning rice straws from Punjab which is carried by wind makes the smog cover denser.

There are a slew of measures which the government can take like limiting one car for four family members, imposing a fine if people burn waste, disallowing tree chopping for infrastructure, rescinding the Montsanto Profit act which causes farmers to sow their rice late and burn straw at this time of the season.

Above all the huge landfills which are there in the city need to be eliminated at the earliest. The sure way of getting rid of them fast is to initiate talks with Swedish Government who can help in efficient waste disposal.

Nonetheless both central and state government are not proactive in making the situation better. That’s why one cannot rely on our elected leaders to make it better and must act by himself to take charge of their own life.

In Beijing a Dutch inventor sold smog vacuum which cleaned the air instantly by sucking in the pollutants and then separating them

Here are the pollution masks you can buy next:

1)Totobobo Large Anti Pollution Mask

Totobobo large anti-pollution masks comes with two air filters which help you breathe fresher air. When you inhale the filter blocks the dust and other harmful particles from entering your airway. Moreover there is no chance of bacteria or virus sticking on the mask as it has an anti-virus additive.

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2)Crusaders Marathon Mask

If the government is not going to make the air quality better then you need your own crusader. The 4 layer Crusader Marathon Mask can last for hours. This N99 mask filters PM10,PM2.5 and PM 0.3 along with other noxious gases.

The mask is washable and comes with 5 replacement filters each of which can be used for 10-12 days. The exhaust valve automatically discharges the gases it captures making for smooth breathing.

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3)Honeywell  Anti Pollution Foldable Face Mask

Many Masks out there don’t know how to combat moisture release and heat build up. Honeywell’s anti pollution foldable face mask doesn’t allow that to happen with it’s easy to control exhalation valve. When you breathe out the air goes away quickly which keeps inhalation smooth.

Moreover it has 3 layers of fabric which absorbs and dispenses all harmful particles preventing them from reaching your lungs.

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4)3M Respirator

Filter those toxic dust particles and other allergens while breathing with 3M’s respirator. This mask is made from non woven fabric which makes it easier to filter the air you breathe.Exhale valve releases air quickly and prevents heat build up.

Above all it is certified and complies with all safety norms like all other 3M products.

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5)Grin Health Anti Pollution Mask

This N95 mask blocks dust,haze,bacteria, viruses and all other toxic elements from entering your nose and mouth. It doesn’t use replaceable or carbon cloth filter thereby performing more efficiently.

Get this eco friendly comfortable fit with one way exhale valve for easy breathing to battle air pollution bravely.

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6)Prana Air Purification Mask

This battery powered anti pollution mask is powered with a built in motor that runs the fan. It regulates the air you breather limiting the damage to your lungs. If you are a fitness enthusiast then this is the product for you as it performs at a very efficient rate.

It can run for 6 hours and is lightweight with micro holes to help your skin breathe easily. Buy it to live pollution free.

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7)Half Face Respirator

Do you remember bane from the dark knight rises? Well that is how you will look when you wear this mask. The quality of air has left you no choice although the mask comes with pretty good features.

It has a bayonet connected fitting system unlike other fabric based face mask. This makes it more efficient against vapours, gases and particulates. Use it with 3M 6003 organic vapour cartridge for clean air.

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8)Environ Silver Nano Respiratory Mask

This Anti Pollution Mask arrests particulate matter 2 along with dust and other harmful elements. Neoprene on the outside provides a soft sensation. Two valves helps you release moisture and keep the mask dry and working.

Join the healthy and safe lifestyle today.

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9)Dettol Anti Pollution Smart Mask

It does everything an anti pollution mask should do. Efficiently blocks inhalation of harmful particles with its 3 layered protection system. Also ensures seamless outflow with its efficient valve reducing moisture and humidity.

On top of that it is easy to wear and is a product of reliable brand Dettol. Need we say more? It is ideal for daily use but has a lower life than more expensive masks.

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10)Nosk Invisible Anti Pollution Mask

Are you the kind of person who gets conscious with a mask on? Nonetheless can you really afford to go unmasked with serves air quality in the city? Don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you.

Insert these small filters directly into your nose to stay free from smoke, dust and other sources of pollution at all times. One can operate freely as no one will be able to see the filter you have in place.

Above all you won’t have to remove your mask for little things like blowing your nose or scratching your jaw.

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