Where Should you Invest Next?

Everyone is looking to double their money and then invest the amount they have doubled. Moreover, they are not willing to take the risks which can really double their money.

Well while investing you cannot have it both ways. If you want a high return in a short span of time then you need to take risk. If you are promised high return with low risk then please verify all the details of the plan as most of them are scams.

Basically there are two types of investment products – financial assets and non-financial assets. Financial assets are stocks, mutual funds, public provident funds, bank fixed deposits. Non financial assets are gold and real estate.

There really are only two ways of achieving financial security. One is to let your money make more money and the second is to buy something which can increase in value over time.

Here are the top investment options for you to slay your financial goals:-

1)Recurring Deposit

Recurring deposit is a term deposit in which people deposit a particular income each month. The interest earned on it is the same as fixed deposit. The maturity date can be agreed upon by the bank and account holder. Although the minimum period of deposit is 6 months and the maximum is 10 years. One can even avail loans up to 80 or 90 percent of the amount of recurring deposits. Moreover one must pay a penalty if he/she is unable to give monthly instalments.

2) Public Provident Fund

Public Provident Fund is one of the safest investments in India. It is ideal for long term and is totally tax free. The money is locked for a period of 15 years and compound interest is earned on it. The time frame can also be extended to 20 years .

One important thing to understand is that PPF allows a minimum investment of Rs 500 to a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh for each year. The maximum number of instalments in a year is 12.

3) Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a portfolio of stocks and bonds. It is a pool of money of several investors which is then invested by a manager in stocks, money market instruments and other types of securities. A proportional share of the funds gain, losses, income and expenses is distributed among investors according to the amount of their investment.

4)Real  Estate Investment

Buying a flat or plot is one of the best investments you can make. There is not any significant risk and the rate of property increases every 6 years. Land will never go out of business as it is used for housing, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and more.


Gold is one of the oldest forms of investment as it can be easily cashed in an emergency. There are various ways to invest in gold like gold deposit scheme, gold ETF, gold bar, gold mutual fund and more.

6)Post Office Saving Schemes

Post Office Saving Schemes is very popular among middle class. This is because people who have a steady income want to invest their money without any risk at a steady return which they can convert into a large amount after a few years.

7)Company Fixed Deposits

Company Fixed Deposits unlike gold and post office come with a significant amount of risk. However, if your deposit period is a long one then you can be sure of a profit. This is because if any company is able to operate for a long time then they have a good hold in the market and are growing your money. They cannot be withdrawn before maturity and come without any insurance benefits as well.

8)Initial Public Offerings

IPO’s are great money making instruments although hard to get a hold of. This is because they are offered only once in the lifetime of a company. The IPO documents must be read carefully in order to understand all risks involved with them and what is the company model.

9)Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Unit Linked Insurance Plans are a combination of debt and equity. It gives investors both insurance and investment options under a single integrated plan.


Bonds are a form of borrowing which both companies and governments can issue. If you buy a company bond you are lending to the government and if you are buying a company bond then you are lending to the company. Make sure you read the terms of interest and investment and secure the IOU which acknowledges the debt owed.

11)Bank Fixed Deposit

Bank Fixed Deposits are very popular among all income groups as whoever has excess money can grow it at a steady rate. The minimum amount for a fixed deposit is ten days and the maximum is 10 years.

12)Sukanya Samridhi Yojana

This program by the government is for the welfare of the girl child. One account for as low as 1000 with a tenure of 21 years. The amount invested, interest received and amount withdrawn are all tax free.

The rate of interest compounded annually is very high at 8.6 per annum which makes it a great investment option for your daughter.

13)National Pension System

It is a voluntary pension scheme that provides tax benefits for investment upto 50,000 under section 80CD in addition to Rs1,50,000 under section 80C. It serves twin purposes of tax saving and retirement savings.

14)Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana

Pradhan Mantri is a one year life insurance scheme renewable from year to year offering coverage for death. It covers only mortality with no investment component. One cannot settle claim in the first 45 days from enrollment.

The premium rate is Rs 330 per person per annum.

15)National Saving Certificate

National Saving Certificate is a very popular savings and investment option in India. It is a bond issued by the government of India for a period of 5 to 10 years. Investments up to rupees one lakh are tax exempted under section 80C. It provides an annual return of 8.1 percent.

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