Vikendi Map Details you must know next

Vikendi is the 4th playable PUBG map after Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. It is a 6 by 6 island on the Adriatic Sea. Players who get frustrated with the amount the blue circle takes to shrink in Erangel and Miramr will love Vikendi. Moreover, it is the right escape for one who want to stay down and hunt, something that Sanhok doesn’t offer.

The snow capped terrain and abundant winter flora are a feast for the eyes and a refreshing change of landscape. Players who want to chill all weekend can easily spend their day playing in all four maps without getting bored.

If you are playing solo there is a sure chance that you will find few players dropping at your location. So read on to find where you must land for a better chance at that chicken dinner:

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Castle is the best location of Vikendi as it is isolated from the other regions by bridges and water. So if you can land here and kill the few others who have landed you will have it secured. If the circle shrinks with castle as it’s centre then your chances of winning will increase ten fold.

The loot quantity and quality is high with walkway near the main tower doubling up as a great sniping spot. Players usually crouch between the walkways for cover although the interior is pretty open.


Goroka is a tightly laid out town built on a small mound with a bit of verticality to look about. It offers a lot of vantage points which make for excellent sniping spots. If you explore the entire town you will have a lot of great gear and would have killed at least a few enemies.

3)Dobro Mesto

Dobro mesto was one of the major cities of Vikendi. It has a huge clock tower and central plaza where you can find the best loot. It is located on the far left of the map and has alot of small settlements as well where players can stay quiet to detect the direction of approaching footsteps.


Podvosto is smack in the middle of the map between cement factory and mount kreznic. The entrance to the town is through a bridge which may have a few enemies lurking around. There are bakeries, cafes and small houses all strewn with gear.


Surrounded by narrow streets and stone walls Volnova is one of the biggest cities of Vikendi. It has numerous restaurants and shops. Also there are many two and three storied buildings on top of which players can climb and act as snipers.

6)Dino Park

Dino park is a great location to hide and shoot. It is filled with attractions like the roller coaster, bumper cars and a dino maze. Players can raise all kinds of hell in the dino maze as it provides great hide and seek firing fun.

7)Cement Factory

Cement Factory is full of large limestone churning machines and gear dropped all around the place. It has two big encampments along with big and small structures that hiss and coo when players step on them. A players who knows this area will happily make this as his/her hunting ground.


Cosmodrone is an abandoned rocket launch site. It has big hangars in which players can battle and find lots of great gear. It also has abandoned spacecrafts and rockets that players can easily hide behind.


Villa is a great destination for loot and face offs. It has a big church, a lot of walkways and houses that players have to carefully get in and out of lest they be spotted by an enemy.

10)Lumber Yard

Fallen trunks and leaves of red poplar tree lie all about the lumber yard along with logs. Players can hide in the grass or behind the tents to sneak up on incoming players and get closer to the chicken dinner.

11)Mount Kreznic

Mount Kreznic is a steep climb when compared to other locations. However, if you have a good scope in hand you can be certain that you will get in the top 5 provided your shooting is good. Be the king of the surrounding land on Mount Kreznic.


Port is a small town full of containers that have a lot of good gear in which enemie

s can take refuge. Nonetheless, players can climb on top of one container and fan the entire area out to really dominate the land.


In a rocky terrain lies sawmill full of machines and houses that players can loot. It is very easy to get a grip of this place and aim at incoming players from dino park, movatra and milnar. Above all don’t expect to stay quiet in this area for long.


Winery is one of the few non snowy terrains on the map with a large number of barrels and horizontally huge lounges. There is a lot to loot as no player ever gets out disappointed from this place. The only exception being that they have been killed.

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Other than these landmarks there are a slew of minor cities where players can expect less enemies and pretty good gear. Abbey, Cantra, Hot Springs, Krichas, Milnar, Movatra, Pilnec, Peshkova, Tovar, Trevno, Vihar, Zabava are small cities on the Vikendi map

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