Types of Momo to Try Next

You should never underestimate the power of momos. They have the unique ability to bring a smile to your face even if your day has been hell.

Simple white flour and water dough with a little bit of baking soda or yeast is in outer momo covering. As for the inner stuffing the options are endless.

Below is the list of momos you must try next :-

1)Kurkure Momos

Kurkure momos are deep fried momos which can either have a vegetable stuffing or a meat stuffing. Once the momos are steamed they are then deep fried to give you a hard outer crust with a soft inner one. It is ideal for people who like deep fried chicken, potato fritters and bread.

2)Manchurian Momos

Manchurian momos are steames momos in manchurain gravy. Anyone who has eaten Manchurian knows that it packs a lot of flavours. Manchurian contains chopped vegetables like carrot, cabbage, capscicum, spring onion with spices, sauces and vinegar.

One can make the vegetable or meat balls separately and stuff them in the momo. Another option is to make regular momo stuffings and dip the steamed momo in the Manchurian sauce.

3)Chocolate Momos

Chocolate momos can only be a hit if there is no spice in your momos. Be it vegetable or meat keep the inner stuffing as bland as possible so that the chocolate poured on top hits you just like you want it.

4)Tawa Momos

Tawa momos get that spicy glaze on them when the steamed momos are fried on a pan.

5)Pizza Momos

The toppings of your pizza are stuffed inside a momo to provide you a delectable experience.

6)Double Decker Momos

One momo on top of another momo? Your dream has finally come true. Double Decker momos should be your choice when you are insanely hungry.

7)Honey  Chilli Momos

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos can become honey chilli momos when they are dipped in this tasty mixture.

8)Vodka Momos

Sick of eating food seriously? Try vodka momos which will make you relax and tipsy. The stuffing contains a drop of vodka and the outer covering is drenched in it.

9)Jhol Momos

Jhol momos are dipped in an achaar sauce which is thin in texture and has a bit of hot, spicy and tangy twist.

10)Pan fried momos

For those of you who don’t like the very soft covering of steamed momos and the extra crispy covering of the fried momos pan fried are your best best. They are done just the right amount.

11)Chaat Momos

Chaat Momos have all the elements of chaat pored on top of momos so that you feel like you are having the best combination of both street foods.

12)Tandoori Momos

Tandoori momos are made when steamed momos are put in a hot tandoor. It gives them a lot of texture and flavour.

13)Rice Momos

Rice momos are made when steamed momos are covered with rice. They are lighter than other momos and add to the momo variety significantly.

14)Butter Chicken Momos

Butter Chicken Momos are steamed momos covered in butter chicken gravy. Mutton Rogan josh and Afghani momos are also popular among people who like butter chicken momos.

15)Hot Garlic Momos

Hot Garlic momos are steamed momos covered in Hot Garlic Sauce.

(Feature Image Courtesy : Genius Kitchen)

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