Facts you need to know about India’s response against Pakistan to Pulwama Attack

There is loud celebration in the country but make no mistake about the reason behind this jubilation. People are celebrating the destruction of terrorists who don’t believe in any democratic system or order. They operate as barbarians looking to kill and maim anyone who is against their agenda.
Moreover their agenda is quite unclear as in the past JEM has attacked civilians in Pakistan as well. Nonetheless they have launched repeated attacks against India who their leaders sometimes label as enemy country and sometimes say that terrorist action is required to win Kashmir.
Pulwama Attack was cruel and not required at all. A brainwashed JEM militant who thought that he was doing something good for the race a and country was so extremely deluded. The same will be said of Pakistan Army chief and  PM if they retaliate against India. It should be understood that IAF air strikes have not killed any civilians.
The Indian Air Force obtained intelligence about JEM terrorist camps and bombed them with air crafts. Air Strike was given the green flag to prevent militants from attacking India again.
Can Pakistan attack any terror camps in India? The simple answer is no because India doesn’t give shelter to terrorists. If Pakistan attacks civilians in India then it will be extremely foolish and will start a bad war.
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The best thing Pakistan PM Imran Khan can do at the moment is to reassure his nation that Indian is not after civilian Pakistanis. This attack was not against Pakistan the respectable country but terrorist groups who have hurt both India and Pakistan. He can further state that Indian PM Narendra Modi has helped Pakistan by eliminating terrorists.
The two countries do a lot for each other and the same should continue. As for the Kashmir conflict it must end with the disputed territory given to a mutual country who takes the call on its legitimate and fair distribution.
This response was not an act of egoistical authority or revenge. It was out of insecurity for Indian civilian and military lives under threat from JEM terrorists. Pakistani civilians and military is not under threat from India as India only wants to eliminate terrorism that targets it’s land.
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