In a heinous attack by Jaish E Mohammad terrorist group over 40 CRPF Personnel lost their lives. A suicide bomber rammed a Mahendra Scorpio armed with 100 kg of explosives into a CRPF convoy. The convoy was carrying over 2700 CRPF personnel.


The pulwama attack which took place on Thursday was the deadliest on Indian forces in decades. After the attack India immediately took away Pakistan’s most favoured nation status. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that strict action will be taken against the perpetrators of this crime.

Among widespread national outrage the prime minister further reassured and we quote that the ‘Security forces have been given permission to take decisions about timing, place and nature of their response. Today’s India is a nation of new convention and policy’.

The United Stated has called on Pakistan to immediately withdraw all support to terrorist groups. It has also said that take away safe haven of terrorists.

However, China stance on this attack is a mixed one. After condemning the attack, the dragon country has not approved of Jaish E Mohammad’s chief Masood Azar inclusion as a UN designated terrorist.

Here are some key facts of the attack

  • Sources have also said that there were rumours of a possible attack but no substantial information was provided. The governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satya Pal Malik admitted that it was a failure on their part if a terrorist could bring such a big vehicle without getting it checked.
  • The stretch on which the convoy was coming had been sanitized earlier inthe morning and the authorities termed the incident as a serious breach of security.
  • A lot of people have raised serious questions about the government’s ability to provide security to central reserve police force members who provide security to the country.

Among them are objections over more than 1000 CRPF personnel travelling in one convoy and accusation that someone within the government leaked the timing of the convoy.

  • Jaish E Mohammad was growing frustration with no new members joining its ranks as there was a feeling of apprehension among Kashmir youth for such radical ideas. Stone pelting had stopped and the valley had a long spell of peace.

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