Jason Aldean Songs to Enjoy Next

Jason Aldean has made his name in the American Country Music scene. He has released 24 singles and 8 albums all of which have been certified platinum which means that they have sold more than one million copies.

Two of his albums My Kinda Party and Night Train have been certified quadruple platinum and double platinum respectively. He has been with Broken Bow records since the past 13 years and is one of their main artists.

His songs have regularly featured in Hot Country Songs and Billboards top 10. Here is a list of songs that you must listen to next:

1)They Don’t Know

They Don’t Know is a song which talks about how people outside a small town look at it. It speaks about the pain and hard work done by people who live on this land to make it what it is. The song is sure to hit home with anyone who loves their home or their place of stay. One can easily relate with the significance of one’s home that the song arouses in them. Above all, not minding others who see their place as something of not much value.

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2)Lights Come On

Lights Come On is a song that you just cannot get out of your head after listing to it once. It is both high on energy and mellow which is pretty unusual for a song and that’s why it sticks. It sings of a tired worker spending a much needed night at a bar partying with strangers. It’s a song which begs you to enjoy yourself with Jason Aldean referring to himself and the boys as entertainers on a mission.

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Hicktown is a wacky single which has a lot of freshness and verve in it. The songs tells us that the people of the Hicktown live in the moment and don’t get too bothered about the past and the future. The tune is very catchy and Jason Aldean looks very enthusiastic with it being his debut single.

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Jason Aldean’s Why is an apt song for complicated relationships and how helpless a lover is when it comes to loving is/her partner and at the same time asserting themselves. The phrase ‘Why do I use the words that cut the deepest?’ is repeated in the song many times. It signifies that the singer doesn’t really have any answer for his bad behaviour towards his partner suggesting ego battle is very hard to overcome in relationships.

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5)I Break Everything I touch

I break everything I touch is a musical warning to himself and others to maintain distance. It embodies one of the laws of the world that nothing is constant and everything keeps changing. It also tells that the singer has reflected on lack of permanence and has accepted defeat in preserving something for forever.

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6)Back in this Cigarette

Back in this Cigarette is a standout track from album Relentless. It is based on the theme of loss and how losing one’s interest in something to the point of no return is catastrophic for any relationship. If you want to mourn your failed relationship with something or someone then this is the perfect song.

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7)The Truth

The Truth is a song which is very personal and talks about addiction to love. The song is a about a rocky phase in a happy relationship where both partners are spending time away from each other. However one of them goes to see their family and has to give a reason for the other’s absence. The singer constantly asks for her to not tell the truth as it will make the situation far worse than it is.

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8)I ain’t ready to quit

I ain’t ready to quit is the ultimate plea to save a relationship or rekindle faith which was slipping. If you have gone through a terrible failure or something bad which makes you think that you won’t be the same again then this is the song to take away your blues and promise yourself hope.

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9)Tonight Looks Good on you

Tonight looks good on you is the kind of song you can send your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse before a dinner date. Jason Aldean has not left any stone unturned putting in a phenomenal performance both in terms of vocal and acting in the video as well. It will make you swoon and push into you the urge to take your loved one out.

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10)Rearview Town

Rearview town is the pinnacle of songs about separation. Jason Aldean is on his way out of the town he was born into finally unshackling from the restraints which have kept him tied for a long time. Each line is carefully thought of with the song translating to a beautiful version of enough is enough? If you are having second thoughts about leaving something which is making you suffer listen to this song and take positive action.

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