How can PUBG Players benefit from PUBG

Has it ever happened to you while playing PUBG that you have laded across a huge settlement and got disappointed with the loot? Moreover you have travelled so much on foot just to get killed in the last round outside playzone?Don’t worry as is the site for you.

It is a website with the unofficial version of all four PUBG interactive maps- Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar. Players won’t just be able to see all the locations on this map but will be able to obtain key information about specific areas.

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Here is the information all players will be able to see when they log on this site:

1)Vehicles in PUBG.IO

Little orange loops pop all over the map hinting at the presence of vehicles. All in all there are 407 vehicles in Erangel, 378 vehicles in Miramar, 117 in Sanhok and 262 in Vikendi.

2)Boats in

Along with vehicles you can even see where the boats are so that whenever you take a dive in the river to make it into the play zone you know the right one to jump into. So look out for those blue loops if you are a bad swimmer.

3)Garages in

If you hear a lot of firing coming from houses then garage is the best place to hide and sneak up on your enemies when you hear their footsteps loud and clear.

4)Loot Heatmap in

The areas where loot is high have greater red and green density than those with less loot.

5)Flight Path in

Players can even see the flight path a flight will flow on by just clicking on the starting point near the map.

All these above features can be switched off for a player who seeks only one bit of information. Other than this players can also check telemetry data on landing zones, kill distances, sniper locations and more.

When you click on maps you will be able to see geographical statistics. They include how much road coverage is there in the region, land area and more. Weapons and attachments are clearly organized to update one’s knowledge of guns.

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