Who is Heather Nauert? Details about Trump’s pick for UN ambassador

US president Donald Trump has picked heather nauert the state departments spokeswoman as the next ambassador to United Nations.  She will replace Nikki haley who would resign at the end of the year.

Trump confirmed her nomination on Friday. In his tweet he stated that she is very talented and would be respected by all. She will have a lot on her plate at the United Nations with issues pertaining North Korea and Iran dominating the agenda.

One of the key battles would be to confront a stream of anti US and anti Israel sentiment at the UN which her predecessor Haley constantly dealt with. To take over the Cabinet role Nauert will need to be confirmed by the senate:

Below are some facts about Heather Nauert:

She served at state department’s spokeswoman since April 2017. However, her relation with the former secretary of state Rex tillerton was not one of her bests.

Above all her relationship with current secretary of state Mike Pompeo is better. She has flown more than 155,000 miles on 26 international tips. The majority of which have been with pompeo.

She has proven her mettle:

After tillerson left, Nauert was entrusted with the role of undersecretary of the state for public affairs and public diplomacy.  She oversaw public diplomacy in Washington along with the 275 overseas US embassies, consulates and other posts.

Moreover she was also in charge of the global engagement center which fights extremist messaging groups from the Islamic state.

Heather Nuert is a former journalist

She worked as a breaking news anchor for ‘Fox and friends’. Also she worked as a general assignment reporter for ABC news.

M has a degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

(Feature Image Courtesy : USA today)

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