Five Laws that Indian Government Should Enforce Next ?

We all have an image of what our ideal country would look like. All of us have thought of an ideal India someday or the other. Although this is unquestionably a great country, there’s always room for improvement. India is in grave need of certain progressive laws that will take it one step further on the road to development which its neighbors are already quite far along on.

We have got some ideas that would really help our nation to progress.

P.S. Guess who gave us these ideas? Our next-door-neighbor – The world!

Here are some amazing laws from around the world that could make our country the best of all.

1)Green Buildings Law

France has taken a new revolutionary initiative towards keeping the planet green, it has made compulsory that all new structures be built with either a rooftop garden or covered with solar panels. With the ever-increasing and immensely threatening levels of pollution in India, a similar initiative is not something any of us would say no to.

Are you aware that your office or building could be harming the environment? Is it possible that your building is spewing harmful pollutants without you realizing it? Everyone is well aware of the environmental issues like global warming, pollution and the measures to prevent them. But if we switch to sustainable architecture and green buildings in India for nature’s sake, we could save the environment to a great extent.

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2)One Family One Child Law

A One Child Norm, similar to what Chinese have done, is one of the possible solutions at hand to control the population growth in India. Rising population has been much of a concern for our nation in past few decades. Due to bursting population of our nation, poverty, unemployment, social, economic, and environmental problems are increasing day by day. The situation demands stricter government interference to combat the exploding population. A check on population growth will definitely help us in improving the health care facilities. Also population growth has a cascading effect on literacy rate and controlling the population growth will help in increasing our literacy rate.It can be a two child law as well if there is great opposition from everyone.

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3)Marijuana Legalization

Columbia has decriminalized the personal use and regularized commercial use of marijuana. All over the world, cannabis has not only been found to have medicinal properties, but even it’s recreational use is deemed safer than most chemical drugs. Moreover, marijuana addiction is also becoming a major problem among the youngsters. It is easily available in all the cities where dealers thrive through an underground network. Teenage marijuana use is at an all time high, it has been found that today’s teen marijuana smokers are doing it at extreme amounts, some even smoke it daily.Legalizing it will take off the exotic sheen and make it a taxable commodity. Also this law will prove very beneficial for the people who are suffering from abuse as it will set a limit for consumption with the government controlling the supply of weed. 

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4)Cleaning Up After Pets Law

Australia mandates that people pick up after their dogs. Due to the increasing waste in the streets it is very necessary to take crucial steps for having a clean and neat environment. How many times have you accidentally stepped in poop walking down Indian streets? A lot right ?Just imagine if pet owners took their responsibility to clean up after their pets then it will definitely make a difference. The government must also take responsibility to sterilize street dogs as an increase in the number of dogs in an area and no one to look after them will create danger for dogs in the area and a lot of poop for the people who live there. 

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5. Law for Political Candidates 

Singapore disqualifies people with serious criminal history from parliamentary candidacy. Apart from citizenship and minimum voting age, Singapore, Canada and a few other countries of the world have stricter requirements for candidates contesting Parliamentary elections. Persons convicted with a criminal offence and who have served a prison term over a year are disqualified from contesting. Such a law should be enforced in India too as this would definitely give rest to many problems such as increasing prices, corruption and government incompetency as the nation can only do best when the people who are running it are well read and qualified.

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