Things Apple and Tim Cook hope to do

Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has never been more optimistic about where one of the most innovative companies on Earth is heading. In an interaction with investors he said that the Iphone maker is planting the seeds and taking calculated risks on cutting edge future products.

In an address to the shareholders and press at company’s annual meeting in California Cook assured that company will double its revenue in 2020. The company will cross the 50 billion mark in contrast to 25 billion -the revenue for the previous year

Here are a few tasks that Apple aims to achieve:-

1)The first goal is to reduce the price of Macbook Air Laptop which currently costs 1200 dollars.

2)The company wants apple products to have higher resolution screen.

3)Apple wants to add more features to the smart watch.

4) Introduce game changing AR Glasses that provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

5)Increase the sale of Air Pods

After hearing this apple share rose one percent although earlier in the morning they were down. On the other hands investors are eager for apple to come up with a new brand defining product after the iPhone. This demand has come in lieu of the fact that the company has witnessed it first quarterly sales decline since 2001.

Moreover cook shares some positive news as well. Apple acquired 18 companies in 2018 that have significantly bolstered its creative arm. The CEO of one of the top companies of the world said that Facebook and Google should not build data profiles of their users.

He was also quick to point that Apple is pushing for a regulation against such practice. The organization has been successfully working with the US government even though the political opinion differs from the current administration.

The company recently donated 1 million dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Centre in the wake of Charlotesville Virginia attack.  The centre monitors and disintegrates hate groups by pushing them to believe that world should be one happy place. It also discourages discrimination and helps the poor achieve a good standard of living.

(Feature Image Courtesy : Apple)

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