After Kamal Hassan And Rajnikanth, Who Do You Think Will Enter Politics Next?

Filmstars Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth have decided to launch their own political parties. This is set to rekindle their rivalry, this time in the realm of politics. Rajnikanth was deeply disturbed by the death of J Jayalalithaa and the superstar could not see his state suffer because of the power struggle within AIADMK.

Kamal Hassan has accused both political parties DMK and AIADMK of corruption and complacency. He also said that politics is a crown of thorns but one he can hopefully wear with less pain.  Both of them are set to compete in the next Tamil Nadu assembly elections and will fancy their chances.

This is because for the first time in 30 years AIADMK and DMK do not have their party patrons to lead them to victory. J Jayalalithaa passed away and M Karunanidhi is not at the peak of his political powers throwing the race for Tamil Nadu’s chief minister wide open.

After the foray of these two film stars in politics we cannot stop thinking about the others who can follow?

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Who do you think should be the next film star to enter politics?

1. Akshay Kumar

In recent years Akshay Kumar has done films that spread social awareness and ask us to take more social responsibility. Through his films he wants us to erase outdated ideas which will in turn stop wrong actions. Still for the poor to get tangible benefits and victims to get justice stepping in to the government is the right way. Films can only impart knowledge about right and wrong whereas an authoritative position can proactively prevent all the things his films want not to happen.

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2. John Abraham

If the state needs an authoritative figure to give commands look no further than John Abraham. Worldly renowned for his action roles he knows how to make a statement or two as no one says things with conviction like he does. He can be a solid enforcer of rules and show that the state will thrive if there is no corruption at the top. He has done films like force, force 2 and Rocky Handsome where he enforces justice and looks like a natural doing it.

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3. Preity Zinta

When actresses reach a certain age they look for life beyond films. Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan and Kirron Kher have all been very vocal in the decision making parliament sessions but it’s time  politics gets a strong woman who can lay emphasis on things which men don’t seem too concerned about. Preity Zinta has both the wits and the charm to gather public attention and can move them to action faster than local politicians. She is a headstrong individual who allegedly survived an abusive marriage so she’ll be able to handle the mercilessness of Indian politics

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4. Priyanka Chopra

Ever since her victory at the 2000 miss world pageant Priyanka Chopra has established her as a mega star. She never fails to lay strong emphasis on a positive childhood and that everyone should work to achieve their dream. Priyanka Chopra can easily be the minister who everyone admires and can enforce justice in the state. She was UNIFEF’s Indian Goodwill Ambassadors and is now UNICEF’s Global Goodwill ambassador. She has already inspired a lot of positive change and helped girl children in avenues like education which is what India needs right now.

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5. Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has been very vocal about people who don’t interpret religion correctly. This makes them take actions which hurt the society in the name of god. He even hosted Satyamev Jayate to battle crime and violence.

We must challenge the criminal mindset all of us are guilty of entertaining at some point of another. Unfortunately disappointment and outrage over instances doesn’t limit them. Stern measures have to be taken and who better than Mr. Perfectionist to organize the way government operates.

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