10 sports around the world perfect to take part in for Adrenalin Rush

Adrenalin rush is something that sports and fitness enthusiasts cannot get enough of. Game after game the need only increases creating a void that becomes very hard to fill.

However, the more you enjoy doing such things the more you gain control over your satisfaction.  The trick is to know that you have not limited yourself but done all that you and your body could do.

Here are the sports you can participate in for Adrenalin Rush:


Capoeira is an Afro- Brazlian mix martial art game combining elements of dance, acrobatics and music. As a martial art it is used for self defence with players usually practicing overhead kicks and flying kicks along full and side cartwheels.

As a game it keeps scores in terms of takedowns achieved. Takedowns have to be using legs only as the use of upper body is to assist and very rarely attack.


Kendo is an extremely popular and strenuous sport like physical activity. It is played use bamboo aka kendo sticks. The objective of the make an accurate strike/ thrust on to the opponents armour exhibiting high spirit, correct posture and awareness.


You don’t have to be a sumo to play this form of wrestling. Both the wrestlers will wear a belt around their waist and thigh with the objective of pushing the opponent out while holding the belt.

It is not as high on Adrenalin rush as other sports but does the trick.


You may well familiar with this one but have you ever tried it? Boxing improves agility and gives you improved strength in your upper body like no other sport. So take a few hits and knock your opponent down as you box yourself to glory.

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Schwingen is Swiss wrestling in which players wrestles in a circle of 12 diameters. They wrestle on sawdust while wearing breeches and the first players to pin their opponent with one hand on the belt while his opponents both shoulders are down wins.


Silat is high intensity karate which allows use of both hands and feet to beat one’s opponent. The rules are as follows

  1. Strikes are only legal if they hit between the shoulder line and the waist. Each successful strike is awarded one point.
  2. Hitting the face or below the belt is a penalty.
  3. Throws in themselves are not awarded points, and ground follow-up is permitted.
  4. A joint-lock is awarded 10 points.
  5. Immobilising the opponent by holding them helpless is worth 5 points.

7)Pradal Serey

Pradal Serey is unarmed kickboxing and free fighting. Similar to UFC you can harm your opponent heavily and get harmed too. Unlike UFC it takes place in a boxing ring though with no decrease in Adrenalin rush though.

8)Sepak Takraw

Enjoy Volleyball ? If yes then get ready to take your passion on the whole new level. Sepak takraw is kick volleyball in which players use a rattan ball allowing them to touch it using only their knee, chest, feet and head.


Kalaripayattu is played using a sword and a shield. Players needs to defeat their opponents but cannot hurt them while doing so. In order to win they can knock the shield down and prove they have passed the sword to deliver a killer blow.

In place of sword a steel whip, mace or a stick can also be used.

10)Kenpo Karate

Do you want to strike blows that your attacker will not get back up from? Kenpo karate is the thing for you. Strengthen your chops and kicks while striking your opponents and defending against him.

Furthermore get grappling strategies in place to enforce joint locks and break from holds as well.

(Feature Image Courtesy : September Fest Omaha)

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