10 Movies of 2018 you must watch next

Every year many movies are released as both accomplished stars and fresh faces enter the film making business. Some of them are forgettable while others make an indelible impression on the audience.

2018 was a great year for cinematic buffs as many movies were released which connected with the audience greatly. Some of them were high on action whereas others won us with the strong screenplay.

Here are the must watch movies of 2018:-


Annihilation is a deeply strange and surreal film in which Natalie Portman stars as a grieving biologist. She searches for her husband in the mysterious and mutated swampland where he disappeared a year ago.  What viewers thought will be a creepy movie with not much substance turned into a quiet meditation about existence with a masterful end.

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2)The Guilty

The Guilty is a Danish thriller in which a 911 dispatcher and former cop takes a panic call from a kidnapped woman. However, the call is soon disconnected and the cop has to find the woman. A high speed search with plenty of twist and turns ensues.

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3) Minding the Gap

Minding the gap is a documentary which took 12 years to make and speaks volumes about race, class and toxic masculinity. Three young boys who want to escape their own hardships take up skateboarding. However, they soon realize it will take much more than that to reach a point where they life is not this trying.

4)We the Animals

It is a sensitive portrayal of a young boy, Jonah. He takes to drawing in order to cope with the disintegration of his family. He also realizes he is gay and has to foster ahead with all his courage and strength into the future which he knows won’t be like his past.

5)The Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindergarten teacher is a spellbinding tale of a teacher and aspiring poet who becomes obsessed with the talent of a young student. She takes measures which are complex and unheard of in order to protect the talent of her newfound prodigy.

6)The Rider

The Rider is a coming of the age drama about a once promising rodeo star who is now struggling to find meaning and purpose. On South Dakota plains after a near fatal accident his life takes a drastic turn which changes his perspective towards everything.


The movie starts with a bitter custody battle between two parents for their son. It is later revealed that the reason for their separation was domestic abuse. The knowledge of this makes the situation more complicated than ever.

8)Science Fair

Science Fair is a feel good film which will help you connect all over again with your high school years. Nine high school students take part in International Science and Engineering fair. They are not only competing on intellectual fronts but on awkward fronts as well.


Burning is the story of a reunion of two neighbourhood friends who may have a shot at romance. This is until another man young and rich comes between them and throws their relationship off track. However, he is not at all how he seems. The movie draws you in by forcing you to examine each character diligently to answer your questions.

10)The Favourite

The Favourite is an entertaining cynical comedy about 18th century British royalty. A frail queen Anne is on the throne with her close friend lady Sarah who has the responsibility of tending to queen Anne’s health and run the country too. Arrival of a new servant, Abigail endears her to Sarah unlocking the hilarious theme of the movie.

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